British Council Introduces the International School Award in Nigeria

British Council has launched the acclaimed International School Award in Nigeria. The Award recognises commitment to developing global citizenship in young people and prepares them for work in a global economy by increasing their understanding of other countries and cultures and embedding international learning in the curriculum. 

A press briefing with heads of private schools and teachers held today in Abuja, while another briefing will hold in Lagos on  Tuesday 25 June, 2013.

The Award provides a motivational framework for teachers to develop themselves professionally, adding an international dimension to their skills. It is available to any school, recognising different levels of achievement in international work.

To gain the Award, schools submit evidence of the impact of international strategies and activities. They demonstrate that the whole school is engaged in the process. The three stage journey assists schools new to this area to embed an international dimension in a step-by-step process.

Countries can highlight different aspects of the Award – depending on local priorities – for example:

  • as a framework for embedding international work
  • as a framework for professional development
  • for whole school improvement
  • to introduce self-assessment techniques
  • for securing ministry of education support for wider programme aims

No two of these are mutually exclusive and schools that get the most out of the award will often use it in many different ways. Most importantly, the award provides a supportive framework for schools.   For more information, please email or call 01-4615600 – 2.