Aptis for Teachers

Make sure your staff have the right level of English.

Aptis is the smarter way to evaluate the English language skills and raise English language standards in your organisation.

The British Council has 80 years’ experience providing English teaching and assessment. Each year we administer 3 million exams and train over 300,000 people across 100 countries worldwide.


Aptis can be used by Ministries of Education and educational institutions to test the English skills of teachers. Whether you are testing teachers of English, maths

or science, Aptis for Teachers will quickly indicate how well they can use the English skills that are important for everyday educational settings.

With Aptis you have complete control over the time, place and language skills that are tested. Test content relates specifically to teachers and questions tap into themes and scenarios that teachers come across every day. As a result, questions are familiar, allowing candidates to focus purely on the language rather than the context of the questions.


• Assess English language skills of teachers

• Conduct English language audits of teachers and identify their training needs

• Identify English language levels of students on teacher training or university programmes

• Evaluate the effectiveness of language development projects at various stages.