British Council Schools Network (BCSN)

British Council Schools Network (BCSN) is a network of British Council Associate Schools in Nigeria. Through the participation of local and international educators, the network is designed to deliver products and services that will enable schools improve their overall quality of education provision in Nigeria. The network will also focus on child protection, teachers support, schools development and learners support.


  • Supporting teachers in attached schools in Nigeria in successfully delivering UK curriculum learning outcomes to students in Nigeria. These impacts positively on examinations results obtained by students in these schools.
  • To support attached schools in developing leadership frameworks to suit their students’ needs.
  • To facilitate the participation of Nigerians in UK-based education frameworks
  • To foster communication between teachers and other educational professionals in both countries while building mutually beneficial links between them.
  • Enhance practitioner skills enabling educators to learn from best practices in order to raise standards and provide better educational outcomes for young people.
  • Support wider education objectives aimed at raising standards, influence policy and practice globally by being delivered in partnership with ministries and other key stakeholders.
  • Make more efficient and creative use of digital technology, by providing a forum for international engagement and global learning in schools worldwide.
  • To create a network of British Council Associate Schools. This is to encourage interaction and sharing of best practices among schools in the network.


  • To improve the quality of education in schools that British Council engages with.
  • To improve teaching in schools through access to online, distance learning and face-to-face training for attached schools.
  • To enhance and improve leadership in schools through linking programmes and networking forums.
  • To enrich educational provision through sustained collaboration between the UK and Nigeria on professional development, curricula and system reform, as well as policy dialogue to improve educational outcomes for young people.
  • To develop awareness and understanding of safeguarding children through Child Protection training for teachers in attached schools.
  • To create valuable partnerships between schools in Nigeria and the UK.
  • To provide professional development in schools through offline and online courses offered to School Managers and Principals. 

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British Council Schools Network (BCSN)

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