British Council Schools Network (BCSN)

British Council Schools Network (BCSN) is a network of British Council Associate Schools in Nigeria. Through the participation of local and international educators, the network is designed to deliver products and services that will enable schools improve their overall quality of education provision in Nigeria. The network will also focus on child protection, teachers support, schools development and learners support.


  • Supporting teachers in attached schools in Nigeria in successfully delivering UK curriculum learning outcomes to students in Nigeria. These impacts positively on examinations results obtained by students in these schools.
  • To support attached schools in developing leadership frameworks to suit their students’ needs.
  • To facilitate the participation of Nigerians in UK-based education frameworks
  • To foster communication between teachers and other educational professionals in both countries while building mutually beneficial links between them.
  • Enhance practitioner skills enabling educators to learn from best practices in order to raise standards and provide better educational outcomes for young people.
  • Support wider education objectives aimed at raising standards, influence policy and practice globally by being delivered in partnership with ministries and other key stakeholders.
  • Make more efficient and creative use of digital technology, by providing a forum for international engagement and global learning in schools worldwide.
  • To create a network of British Council Associate Schools. This is to encourage interaction and sharing of best practices among schools in the network.


  • To improve the quality of education in schools that British Council engages with.
  • To improve teaching in schools through access to online, distance learning and face-to-face training for attached schools.
  • To enhance and improve leadership in schools through linking programmes and networking forums.
  • To enrich educational provision through sustained collaboration between the UK and Nigeria on professional development, curricula and system reform, as well as policy dialogue to improve educational outcomes for young people.
  • To develop awareness and understanding of safeguarding children through Child Protection training for teachers in attached schools.
  • To create valuable partnerships between schools in Nigeria and the UK.
  • To provide professional development in schools through offline and online courses offered to School Managers and Principals. 

Please click tab to view value added products and services of the network. Addition of other products will depend on feedback and research. For further enquiries, please contact 

Products and Services

BCSN offers the following products/services as value add to registered schools:

Teacher Training: It is the teachers who enable the students to reach their full potential, British Council will make arrangements with Cambridge International Exams and other training providers to offer face-to-face subject Teachers’ Professional Development training.

Child Protection Training: British Council recognises that we have a fundamental duty of care towards all the children we engage with including a duty to protect them from abuse. Child protection training will be made available to teachers.

Professional Development: A range of professional development courses offered online and offline to teachers, principals and school managers. Online professional development offered through digital platform Schools Online -


School Leadership: A suite of courses and activities aimed at improving educational standards by developing school leader’s knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues in managing international institutions. An enhanced version provides an opportunity for school leaders in Nigeria to work with counterparts from the UK, sharing best practice ad developing new tools to enhance the management of their schools.

School Partnerships: A platform for developing and nurturing links involving Nigerian, African and UK school. These links promote greater understanding of global issues for teachers and students in countries involved. Students from schools involved in links take part in joint curriculum projects. Schools involved have the opportunity to benefit from British Council grants that fund reciprocal visits for teachers.

Information Technology: Courses are aimed at developing ICT skills for use in classroom teaching. These courses are suitable for all classroom teachers.

Classroom Teaching and Pedagogy: Showcasing best practice in teaching methods and ideas that can be applied to any classroom to improve teaching and ensure that students are able to learn effectively. This course is suitable for class teachers.

Global Citizenship: A range of courses that support schools preparing for or are already involved in international links. These courses introduce participants to international learning, cultural awareness and the secrets of building sustainable international school partnerships. These courses are suitable for all class teachers and anyone interested in developing international school links.


The International School Award (ISA) is a prestigious award, which recognises schools that have successfully introduced an international approach to their teaching and learning. Schools across the world that have gained the ISA accreditation have demonstrated the same commitment to developing students aware of global issues and facilitating collaboration between educators to enrich the classroom experience. The ISA is currently only available to private schools in Nigeria.

What is GCSEPod?

Every day, more than 100,000 UK and international students in over 600 schools worldwide have access to our award-winning audio-visual podcasts. With thousands of podcasts covering many different subjects, GCSEPod provides a true ‘education anywhere’ experience for mobile learning and revision.

GCSEPod uses the technology already readily available to students (laptops, Apple and Android phones and tablets, school computers) to add an exciting new dimension to their learning.  GCSEPod delivers outstanding results via mobile, tablet or desktop for the best possible impact.

GCSEPod provides over hundreds of hours of high quality IGCSE and O Level learning materials and students will be able to access podcasts for: Maths, English Literature, English Language, Chemistry, Biology and Physics and Combined Sciences.  Students can also access podcasts on revision and study skills. 

Students can watch the podcasts online on their computer or on a mobile device with internet connection. However, students and teachers can also download podcasts for use when internet is not available.  There is also a dedicated web page through which you can access/watch these new materials can be accessed via 

Features for Students

Your GCSEPod 2.0 licence includes:

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Features for Teachers and Senior School Leaders

Your GCSEPod 2.0 licence includes:

  • Assignments module to set homework based on our content, capable of both auto-marking multiple choice questions and setting more open free-text questionsPlaylists module for targeted learning. Match content to students’ specific learning needs
  • Extras module allows you to add links for extension and differentiation, for example videos, news stories and quizzes
  • Reporting suite that creates usage reports by individual, class, tutor group and date range, which can be used for monitoring 
  • Launch resources including posters, letter templates, quick-start and best practice guides

New Training Videos and Full Student and Teacher User Guides

GCSEPod has  now completed the production of some brand new videos and user guides which are specifically designed to…

a. …enthuse and inform candidates and teachers about GCSEPod

b. …help you explain how GCSEPod can benefit schools and candidates

c. …train users on how to use the website

The license/login fee for 6 months subscription per user (student or teacher) is N840.00. (This is a pro-rated fee) There will be 2 free teachers logins per school. 

GCSEPod won an Award!

GCSEPod has been awarded a prestigious BETT award in the ‘Secondary, Further Education & Skills Digital Content’ category. Coinciding with BETT, the world’s largest technology in education event, the awards are considered the highest accolade in education technology. The judges were very impressed with how they match the curriculum, engage students and support independent learning.

Upcoming Activities

Cambridge IGCSE® / Cambridge O Level training – Nigeria - Intermediate level training

Lagos, Nigeria - 21-22 March 2016

Course outline

Cambridge International Examinations is holding [Introductory / Intermediate] Professional Development training for teachers of the following Cambridge syllabuses:

  • Cambridge IGCSE English Literature (0486)
  • Cambridge IGCSE First Language English (0500)
  • Cambridge O Level English Language (1123)

Who are the courses for?

Intermediate courses are for teachers who have some experience of teaching Cambridge syllabuses and are looking for further help in their understanding of this area, as well as support in improving their classroom practice.

It is preferable, although not essential, that teachers have completed Introductory training before taking this course.

How to book

Attendance is £129 per delegate. Refreshments and lunch will be provided.
Please visit our  training calendar for more details and to register.

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. The deadline for receipt of the online registration forms is 17 March 2016. Full venue and workshop details will be sent out to all registered delegates before the training event.