Hazza SS19 Collection

Sylvernus Darku

Hazza is going into battle for SS19. The unisex label by young Ghanaian designer Hassan Alfaziz Iddrisu takes inspiration for the season from the legendary Fante warriors and the Asafo flags that have traditionally represented each of their military companies.

These colourful, hand stitched and applique cotton flags feature bold insignia that express narratives of authority, wisdom and pride, and are still used ceremonially today. Alfaziz Iddrisu hopes to continue their powerful storytelling with his collection, Afrafradom, which in this context means ‘diversity’ or ‘unity’ and represents a new league of Fante fighters.

“The Afrafradom company preserves the memory of the Asafo’s role as the protectors and the defenders of the Ghanaian culture, and enacts their protective role by keeping their values alive and in check,” the designer says. “Our generation are the ones who now must fight for our own traditions.”