Police officer looking at statistics, Lagos, Nigeria
Police looking at stats, Lagos, Nigeria ©

Nick Cavanagh/Nigeria Justice for All Programme

There is a need to increase the level of public satisfaction with policing services in Nigeria. A strategic approach to key policing areas will help the police to deliver better and more accountable services.

Consultations with a range of stakeholders sich as the Nigeria Police Force, the Police Service Commission and the Ministry of Public Affairs have demonstrated the need to strengthen policy capacity within the police.

What people say about J4A's work

'The usefulness of the workshop is enormous, especially for transforming old mental maps or paradigms and creating innovative strategies that are "outside the box" of conventional thought.' 

- Investigation Bureau Headquarters, Abuja 

'Our relationship with other stakeholders as such the Ministry of Police Affairs and the NPF has been enhanced by the support of J4A.'

- Permanent Secretary, Police Service Commission

Our aim

  • Support the police to develop 'core' strategies in key policing priority areas such as community based policing, intelligence led policing, financial management, human resource management and diversity and accountability
  • Support senior police officers to improve their knowledge and experience of how to develop strategies
  • Embed the theory and practice of developing and rolling out strategies that include management and accountability mechanisms in the police
  • Develop core strategies at the federal level of policing, in consultation with relevant departments and implemented at federal, zonal, state, area and divisional levels
  • Develop the skills of the police at the federal level so that strategies can be articulated to all command levels for effective service delivery and accountability
  • Encourage replication of the strategic development process to all policing areas by embedding the processes into police training

Our approach

  • Providing training on how to develop viable strategies, management and oversight systems
  • Assisting in developing selected key strategies
  • Operationalising the strategies through the development of action plans and performance indicators, and other processes

Delivering results

  • Agreement of strategies in Diversity, Human Resources, Community Policing, Fleet Management, Use of Force, Media and PR, Counter Terrorism and Intelligence-led policing: 

             - 2012: 3 strategies were formulated, 2 were adopted

             - 2013: 8 strategies were formulated, 5 were adopted

  • Training and development of the members of the NPF Technical Working Group (TWG) in developing objectives, actions and performance indicators
  • Development of action plans and performance indicators for each strategy

Spotlight on gender

  • Gender issues have been addressed in the training and written into all core strategies that have been developed.
  • The Human Resource and Diversity Strategy addresses gender related issues.
  • Presentations have been made to police officers’ wives on 'women’s roles in national security'.