Female Police Officers, Lagos
Women Police Officers, Lagos ©

Nick Cavanagh/Nigeria Justice for All Programme

To build the public’s confidence and trust in the police, it is necessary to improve accountability within the police. We are focusing on creating an awareness of the role and function of institutions such as the Police Service Commission, the Ministry of Police Affairs and parliamentary committees with responsibility for police work.

In 2014, only 47% of Nigerians living in the FCT, Enugu, Jigawa, Kano, Kaduna and Lagos are satisfied with the NPF and 34% trust them.

The Police are looked to as the organisation primarily responsible for public safety by Nigerians and the law enforcement agency with which Nigerians have the most direct contact. Because of this they are viewed as the public face of the justice sector.

Implementation and replication of J4A supported initiatives, such as model police stations’ record keeping and public counters help to improve the accountability and functioning of the NPF.