How to improve community safety and strengthen

The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) style of policing in divisions is mainly to respond to reports of crime rather than patrol proactively to both prevent crime and understand public concerns and fears. This is best addressed through forming Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) and developing Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPTs). NPTs are the subject of a separate ‘How to Guide’. Currently the reports and oncerns of the public are dealt with as isolated matters rather than approached in a connected way which would permit a joint or partnership approach to resolving or reducing systemic and ongoing community safety issues Community safety is about delivering local solutions to local problems that have been identified by local people. Community Safety is a process through which key organisations in a Local government area (LGA) or other identified geographical area come together to work in partnership with each other and with the public, in order to achieve a safer living environment for all. 

Please download our how to guide and tools on how to improve Community Safety Partnership and strengthen a joint working approach with the police Introduce Community Safety Partnerships, we hope you find them extremely useful. 

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