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Responding to Violence against Woman and Girls in Lagos

These guidelines provide civil society organisations (CSOs) in Lagos with a standard framework to use when assisting and supporting victims of gender-based violence. They can be applied in response to all forms of violence against women and girls (VAWG).

View and download Responding to Violence against Woman and Girls in Lagos (20 pages).

Law and Mediation Centre

This brochure highlights case studies from Enugu, Jigawa, Lagos and Ekiti to explore the ways in which poor and vulnerable Nigerians have enjoyed improved access to justice through law and mediation centres.

View and download Law and Mediation Centre (16 pages).

Land Adminstration Reform

This brochure uses detailed case studies from Lagos and Enugu to demonstrate the ways in which land administration, registration and regularisation has a direct impact on poverty alleviation.

View and download Land Adminstration Reform (12 pages).