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Guidelines for the Voluntary Police Sector

These guidelines provide Voluntary Policing Sector (VPS) groups a document with which to set up and structure their activities. They also cover the responsibilities of the group's officials. There is information that will help guide the relationship of VPS groups with the communities they serve, and with the Nigeria Police Force who have the overall responsibility of preventing crime in our nation.

View and download Guidelines for the Voluntary Police Sector (45 pages).

Maigatari Market Project

This is a case study of the Maigatari Market Project. This initiative by the local IPS group in Maigatari aimed to creating a safe environment for traders and residents to conduct their business activities.

View and download Maigatari Market Project (12 pages).

Safety and Security Review (community policing toolkit)

This illustrated review captures the learning, approaches, methodologies, procedures and successes of the SJG programme's Safety and Security intervention (2002 to 2010).

View and download Safety and Security Review (community policing toolkit) (40 pages).

Community Policing

This illustrated brochure explains the aims, principles and values of the community policing model adopted in Nigeria and highlights some of the institutional, societal and service-user benefits realised in the states where the model has been piloted.

View and download Community Policing (18 pages).

Training EFCC Investigator Recruits

This document describes the way that basic training for EFCC recruits has been modernised to incorporate a student-centred, problem-solving approach that concentrates on developing investigative and related policing skills.

View and download Training EFCC Investigator Recruits (8 pages).