CEP Training

The Creative Enterprise Programme aims to enhance the capability of hub managers and creative industry sector support organisation leads who support the development of the creative industry/ecosystem.

The programme is a 3-day capacity-building workshop that will support participating organisations to grow their businesses.

This workshop is facilitated in a learn-by-doing approach, where participants complete the workshop exercises with their business in focus. There are interactive exercises, peer-led activities, guest speakers and time for reflection, all curated for a positive learning environment.


  • Be available to participate in a 3-day virtual workshop 
  • Presently function as an owner or manager in a hub or creative sector support organisation 
  • Be located in West Africa 
  • Currently provide (or plan to provide) support to creative entrepreneurs (within the age range of 18-35) in West Africa

How to apply

Fill the application form on or before 8 December 2020. 

Hubs in this context will mean any community that ‘dynamically brings together a range of diverse talents, disciplines and skills to intensify innovation’. These hubs will be of many different types; they may be makerspaces, incubators, labs, accelerators hackerspaces or studios; essentially any temporary or permanent space where technologists, creative and social entrepreneurs can build communities that share infrastructure, ideas and innovate to grow businesses and build their workforce. A hub could be a physical or virtual place that brings enterprising people together who work in the creative and cultural industries.

Creative Sector Support Organisations in this context will mean organisations which are not hubs but support the development of the creative industry ecosystem as part or all of their function. This could be training institutes, funding organisations, etc.

Creative sectors being considered - advertising and marketing, architecture, crafts, design (areas of design include -exhibition, games, graphic, industrial, interior, landscape, product, textiles, theatre), fashion, film, TV, video, radio and photography, IT, software and computer services, publishing, museums, galleries and libraries, music, performing and visual art.



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