For this programme, we define creative hubs as any physical space that connects artists and / or creative entrepreneurs* to each other and to skills, and capacity that strengthens their artistic practice or creative enterprise.

*We define Creative Entrepreneurs as people running businesses in film, music, fashion, performing arts, visual arts, architecture, broadcasting, advertising, publishing, gaming or software.

About the Creative Hubs Programme 

The Creative Hubs Programme will support hubs in Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone and United Kingdom to strengthen their sustainability through a programme of facilitator-led and peer-to-peer learning and networking for hub managers or founders involved in day-to-day leadership or management of the hubs.  

The programme will also support participating hubs to develop their business support, capacity building and advisory services to artists and creative entrepreneurs.

The expected outcome for the programme is a more vibrant network of stronger hubs across West Africa and the UK that stimulate increased capacity in creative ecosystems in the hubs’ locations. 

Programme Phases

December 2017

Hub Managers’/ Founders’ Workshop

December 2017 to March 2018

 Training of Trainers (Creative Enterprise and Digital Skills) that will support hubs’ training programmes

From January 2018 to March 2019

Grant Support to participating hubs to deliver training, networking and artistic showcasing programmes, create exciting new digital arts content and / or take part in exchange activity with other participating hubs.

From January 2018 to March 2019

 Ongoing training for hub managers and founders, and trainers in various artisticWest, technical, management and enterprise disciplines.



  • 360 Creative Hub
  • Abuja Literary Society
  • Africulturban
  • Afrinolly Space
  • Aiivon Innovation Hub
  • CAVIC (The Creative Arts and Visual Imagery Centre)
  • Dakar Lives
  • Digital Development Hub
  • Genesys Tech Hub
  • Ghana Design Network
  • Hapa Space
  • iSpace
  • Kumasi Hive
  • MESH (Mesh Ghana)
  • Nubuke foundation
  • Open space
  • Roar Nigeria Hub
  • Sensi Innovation Hub
  • Startup Kano
  • TechHer
  • Tent Maker Ghana
  • The Assembly Hub
  • Ventures Park (Ventures Platform Hub)
  • Wennovation Hub
  • Work Station