Multiplier lab

Multiplier Lab seeks to strengthen intermediaries (creative/cultural hubs and sector support organisations) in West Africa, enhance their capacity to engage, connect and collaborate with their peers in other parts of West Africa and the UK. Through the project, participating organisations will learn to better position their organisations for opportunities such as potential collaborations and partnerships as well as also create connections both in West Africa and the UK, with the aim to scale their organisations and better support their communities.

The programme will support organisations to increase their knowledge, capacity and confidence in:

  • their approach to organisation planning and development
  • understanding the value in their assets and intellectual property
  • influencing, building and managing partnerships
  • co-designing and co-delivering of new programmes/enterprise initiatives

The Programme comprises of two main components as follows:

Component 1: Multiplier Lab

 A 2 - week capacity building programme for 25 intermediaries selected from across our West Africa cluster countries. The programme is tailored to the needs of the local sector and includes opportunities for networking with local intermediaries in West Africa. 

Component 2: Business Exchange Meetings and Virtual UK Study Tour

Business Exchange Meetings: This will be a knowledge and experience sharing platform for UK and West African intermediaries to ignite discussions and thoughts about exploring opportunities for collaborations. 

Virtual Tour: A 5-day Business Exchange UK Tour for West African intermediaries from the training programme. This will provide an opportunity to meet, engage and explore partnership/collaboration opportunities with UK  creative intermediaries.

Selected Creative Hubs/Sector Support Organisations

Following a rigorous application and shortlisting process, the following organisations have been selected to join the programme 

Annaire Arts & Fashion Academy ltd. (NG)

Cultural Center of the Sococim Foundation (SN)

Dakar Design Hub (SN)

Dance Ville (NG)

Ekwe Square (NG)

Enovate Lab (NG)

Ghana Design Network (GH)

HapaSpace (GH)

Iba Ajie Center (NG)

Incubateur Universite Gaston Berger (SN)

Innovation SL Ltd (SL)

Kininso Koncepts (NG)

Kuta Art Foundation (NG)

Merqury Republic (GH)

NadèLI (GH)

New Africa Nation (GH)

Potters Gallery Initiative (NG)

Startup Kano Hub (NG)

Sensi Tech Innovation Hub (SL)

Social Enterprise Ghana (GH)

The Creative Hub Port Harcourt (NG)

The Assembly Hub (NG)

The Footwear Academy (NG)

Vernacular Art-space Laboratory Foundation (NG)

Wakhart (SN)

* Hubs in this context are any community that ‘dynamically brings together a range of diverse talents, disciplines and skills to intensify innovation’. These hubs will be of many different types; they may be makerspaces, incubators, labs, accelerators hackerspaces or studios; essentially any temporary or permanent space where technologists, creative and social entrepreneurs can build communities that share infrastructure, ideas and innovate to grow businesses and build their workforce. A hub could be a physical or virtual place that brings enterprising people together who work in the creative and cultural industries.

**Creative Sector Support Organisations in this context are organisations which are not hubs but support the development of the creative industry ecosystem as part or all of their function. This could be training institutes, funding organisations, etc.

***Creative sectors being considered –Fashion, Film and TV, Music, Theatre and Dance, Visual Arts and Photography, Literature, Architecture, Design (product, graphic, interior etc), Creative hubs, Digital Media and gaming.