Digital Skills training Port Harcourt

Gbenga Onalaja

We delivered digital skills training to creative entrepreneurs in Kano, Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Accra through 5 Creative Hubs. Read strides some of the participants have made since then. 
My coming to the Digital Training is indeed what I needed at the moment. I wanted to level up my Digital Skills and train my community on what works in our digital world today. After the training, I organized a digital class in one of my communities where I talked about Monetization On Facebook. I was able to do this series because of the deep knowledge I gained. The boldness to go out and do it anyway was just my turning point. The turn up at the training was amazing with over 100 active views online.
I also learned some Graphic Design Smart Skills at training which I'm able to teach a group of young women in Port Harcourt who enrolled for a free Graphic Design training, an initiative I started recently.
Hopefully, I'll be taking this further by bringing the learning I've gained at the training to my large learning community (AlchemyPro) on (YouTube already active) and Facebook.
This training opened my eyes to alot of great opportunities that I never knew about. With the knowledge gained from this training, I've been able to generate brand visibility for my artistry. I also learnt the intricacies of owning and making a business out of YouTube, Now I've just started a channel called "Kolo City" (for extremely funny videos and comedy). I'm also working on another channel for events, news and lifestyle.
As a graphic artiste I learnt to search for great images with unsplash, to design on my mobile phone with canva, to advertise with Google. Most of all, I learnt some mind transforming e-commerce tips that has created a huge difference for me.
When I heard of the training I said to myself, this is not my thing, let me concentrate on the core and let the professionals do this, also I didn't want to attend because I thought this like the other trainings on Facebook and Instagram I had attended before, this will be a repetition of all learnt before. 
Before the training, we had concentrated on Instagram and Facebook and were not consistent because it was overwhelming, we have a website that has been under construction for about a year now. After the training, I'm now able to multi task and maintain our social media handles, thanks to the content calendar that helps me to create my content, set the timing and do other things, I can now engage my followers consistently. Also, I can now use google my business in place of the website and still achieve same result, the best part is, I can control and operate it by myself.
Furthermore, I was always using my personal number on WhatsApp and because of clients that viewed my status updates, I couldn't do other personal things, but thanks to WhatsApp for business, I have separated my business account from personal account. I have been able to use canva to create contents too, my YouTube channel is now up and running. I have learnt how to strategize and get to my target audience who really need our services, I'm also setting up a media team that can work with me to explore all the opportunities provided in the digital space.
We're still exploring, thanks to the British council and Startup South for the opportunity to this businessand life changing knowledge. Now we have control and our business is expanding.
Recently, we got two clients that noticed us, contacted us, and contracted us all the way from America, and Canada, we're working on their event and they are impressed with the services they are getting.
There's no better way to say this, you're a blessing to thousands of businesses out there, and to clients too because you've made it easy for us to position ourselves to be found. Thank you so much for this opportunity, we have never remained the same, we've improved greatly, and we will improve others.