British Council aims to create opportunities for young people, enabling them to connect with each other, enhance their resilience and their networks, and therefore, fulfil their potential.  The strategy depends on long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships between the UK and Africa, aimed at supporting prosperous and secure futures. It has been developed through a consultative process, using extensive market research. 

As part of our strategy, we are embarking on a new three to five-year programme that will facilitate, commission and promote more diverse, alternative narratives between young people in Africa and the UK. 

The programme aims to help contribute to providing new opportunities for dialogue and networking between young people in both places, in order to stimulate new understanding which will unlock new connections and collaborations for mutual benefit. 

The planned programme will work across our business areas including Arts and creative industries, Education and Social Inclusion. It will include online and offline activity that present new ways for young people across Africa and the UK to see each other. 

The planned programme, with a working Title ‘ New Narratives’ will harness the UK’s strong digital communications and Africa’s rapidly growing connectivity to generate and disseminate a new and refreshing narrative of Africa - a narrative of aspiration, talent, innovation and growth and one where the UK is modern, innovative and technologically advanced.  These new narratives generated will be diverse, fresh and help to update views particularly of young people in order to stimulate new awareness, and knowledge and foster new and stronger collaborations that will contribute to mutual benefit across both places. 

The planned pilot, co-funded with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, seeks to convene academics, artists, activists, creatives, influencers and other digitally savvy young professionals from across Africa and the UK to ‘hack’ the problem of singular, outdated narratives between Africa and the UK and prototype solutions that help stimulate more plural and diverse narratives across both locations. 

Procurement Timelines are as follows:


For details and to apply, please go to (Search for New Narratives Pilot) 

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Annexe 5 – Additional information in one PDF document with all CVs, a detailed proposal (if you wish) and any supporting documentation (optional)


Submission deadline  - 11 November 2019.


We are looking for Social Innovation, Design Thinking Labs or similar organisations as Delivery Partners to pilot the residential cocreation labs in one location each in Africa and the United Kingdom (UK) in Q1 of 2020. 


Activity Date/Time
Issue of Contract Notice/availability of ITT documents 7 October 2019 

British Council to respond to clarification questions through one phone call (and by email – see next row) 

If you wish to join the call, please email to receive dial-in details.

On 14 October 2019 

At 13.30 to 15.30 (GMT + 1) 

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Final Date of Receipt of e-mail enquiries 12 November 2019. 

Responses by 16 November 2019 – published on the procurement portal. 

Deadline for submission of ITT responses (Response Deadline)  19 November 2019 by 12.00Hrs (GMT + 1)
Longlisting of applications 20 November 2019
Shortlisted organisations notified for phone interview  21 November 2019 
Phone Interviews 25 - 26 November 2019
Award decision and supplier notified 27 November 2019 
Planning meeting for provisionally selected support organisations / hubs  December 2019 (First Week Likely)  
Contract signed with selected support organisations/hubs End of December 2019 
Contract start date 1 January 2020