The Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria ©

British Council

British Council is the co-partner with Cambridge Education for the Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (ESSPIN).

The project is funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) and has the goal of strengthening the institutional environment so that the government’s own resources are better and more efficiently utilised.

There are five key elements that lie at the heart of ESSPIN:

  • long-term sector planning
  • institutional reform – to create capable and effective education sector institutions within Nigeria and improve the co-ordination between them
  • strengthen civil society’s ‘voice’ and relationship with government
  • school/community development – increasing the autonomy of schools so that they become more responsive and accountable to local communities.
  • sharing lessons learnt and good practice – ensuring that education reform efforts are shared at all levels of government.

The programme works in six key states: Enugu, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Kwara and Lagos.

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