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Skills Policy Dialogue Seminar offer opportunities for experts and policy makers from around the world to gain invaluable insight into the UK skills system and share best practices

Through a combination of lectures, workshops, discussions and visits to leading UK educational organizations and employers, participants gain firsthand experience of the UK skills sector while exploring global priorities such as technical vocational education and training (TVET) for skills and employability. 

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14–16 November 2017: Birmingham, England

Theme: Changing the perception of Vocational Education: Careers Advice and Guidance

This event will address the esteem of vocational education in the minds of young people, parents and wider society. Participants will gain an insight into how the UK careers advice system works and the initiatives underway to promote vocational employment paths. An interactive programme will allow delegates to share best practice while visits to employers and training providers will also feature in the programme

6–8 March 2018: Cardiff, Wales

Theme: Apprenticeships and work based learning: Spotlight on Wales

During this seminar, delegates will be introduced to the apprenticeship system in Wales and provided with the opportunity to reflect on the benefits of work-based learning. More broadly, issues relating to the role of employers in delivering and designing training will be explored and visits to businesses, independent training providers and colleges will also take place.