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Commonwealth Alumni Mentoring Plan (CAMP) is a project, to be piloted in West/Southern Africa, which creates a region-wide virtual network of Commonwealth Alumni actively mentoring newly awarded scholars/fellows and entrants to the alumni network. Project CAMP pairs scholars/fellows with Alumni in similar fields/institutions in order to support them in adjusting to life in the UK while on-award, and/or guide them to resources for their work on return to their home countries. Broadly, Project CAMP will assist new scholars and fellows to better understand the intricacies of being a Commonwealth scholar/fellow while they strive to achieve their personal and professional goals. 

Project CAMP aims to: 

 Support Scholars/Fellows in settling and adjusting to life in the UK

 Provide mentorship for skills development and employability of the scholars/fellows 

 Foster meaningful relationships among Commonwealth Alumni, Scholars and Fellows

 Create awareness of and promote Alumni associations among new Scholars and Fellows.

 Support the Alumni associations by increasing the involvement of alumni in the achievement of their overall objectives

 To promote and increase awareness of Commonwealth conventional, shared scholarship and fellowship scheme to relevant stakeholders and the public.

Pairing of mentors and mentees may be done across international boundaries depending on the scholar's needs and alumni availability. That means that a Ghanaian scholar may be linked to a Nigerian alumnus who shares the same academic discipline or alma mater etc. One alumni mentor may have more than one mentee depending on their ability to manage the responsibility. This will create a platform for alumni associations or groups to share information and experiences across Commonwealth countries, possibly establishing alumni exchange programmes for transferring knowledge and technology for development.

Benefits of Being a Mentor

 Opportunity to give back, share knowledge and experience, inspire and empower the next generation of Commonwealth scholars and fellows

 Reinforcing and enhancing skills such as coaching, listening, leadership style and strategy

 Opportunity for two-way active learning

 Networking opportunity/potential partners in research, social enterprise and development

 Actively being part of a global network of Commonwealth professionals and academics

Mentor Registration

The process of becoming a mentor begins with signing up with us and providing details of your previous professional experiences, interests and motivations. 

This information, subject to review, will be used to match mentors with selected scholars, based on their needs and mentoring objectives. Following acceptance, an Alumni mentor will be included in the Registry of Mentors. Matching the mentees with mentors will be by a combination of requests from mentees and administrative matching to ensure a good fit. 

An alumni mentor can be matched with up to four mentees. Mentors commit to a minimum of 4 hours per month per mentee for the first three months and 2 hours per month for the next six months. Mentoring sessions will be delivered virtually through email, telephone, Skype, Hangout etc.  as agreed upon by both mentor and scholar while the face-to-face sessions will happen at the Alumni Reintegration Workshops to be announced.