In September 2015, British Council Nigeria launched UK/Nigeria 2015-16, an arts season scheduled to run until April 2016, with legacy activities continuing until March 2017. This programme built on the success of previous British Council Nigeria arts and culture initiatives, as well as the broader organisation’s experience of running similar cultural seasons in countries including China, Russia and Mexico. 

Having monitored progress against targets for UK/NG 2015-16 at three points in time, the British Council is now aiming to:

  1.  Produce a simple but credible evidence-based assessment of how effectively UK/NG 2015-16 has contributed to the Impact and Outcome level statements set out in the programme’s theory of change. 
  2.  Use the full range of data available, to make an assessment of how strongly it is possible to attribute attitudinal and behavioural change on the part of audiences, policymakers and creatives to their involvement in UK/NG 2015-16.
  3. Interrogate the data available, to provide an analysis of unintended consequences (both positive and negative), and principal lessons learned.

The British Council invites prospective Evaluation Agencies to submit their expressions of interest and pre-qualification documentation towards the provision of the UK/Nigeria 2015-16 Summative Evaluation.

Respondents are asked to submit the Supplier Response Template via email to by 20th of October, 2017.

We will review submissions and select a supplier in the week of 23rd of October, 2017; and notify the successful consultant by 1st of November, 2017.

Check attached documents for tender details.



  • Supplier Response - UK/NG Summative Evaluation Report (Microsoft Word 39KB)
  • Pricing Approach - UK/NG Summative Evaluation Report (Microsoft Excel 52KB)
  • Terms of Reference - UK/NG Summative Evaluation Report (Microsoft Word 60KB)