By British Council Nigeria

05 December 2019 - 12:14

Thanks to you Peters Adebisi, film-maker and sound recordist and participant in the Nigeria Creative Enterprise Support Programme, who has now gained the confidence to start his own creative enterprise in the sector he feels most passionate about.

In 2018, Adebisi Peters, a Foley Artist won a coveted place in the British Council's Nigeria Creative Enterprise Support Programme and was one of the 25 entrepreneurs whose business ideas were selected for the programme's incubation phase. 

He says the experience gave him deep insight into the Nigerian creative business sector and beyond and how to turn his passion into a money-making initiative anywhere in the world.

In film production, Foley is used in post-production to create sounds for the most part, of people moving. So footsteps, the rustling of clothes – all these sorts of close, intimate sounds that need to sync up exactly to the image. Those sounds are not recorded live on set while the image is being shot. They are recreated later in the studio by a Foley Artist.

Nigeria Creative Enterprise Support Programme delivered in partnership with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office was a programme designed to connect Creative Entrepreneurs and institutions in the fashion and film sectors to share, learn and collaborate in order to develop skills that lead to more professional opportunities for Nigerian entrepreneurs, stimulate UK-Nigeria Hub linkages and help improve their livelihood outcomes.

The enterprise support which featured three stages of support including training, business incubation and grant awards for fashion and film entrepreneurs in Lagos. One hundred and eight creative entrepreneurs (108) received intensive training from this component of the programme, of which 51 went on to receive Business incubation, which included remote mentoring from the UK, face to face mentoring, provision of workspace, and a five-day work placement. Fourteen of them were awarded business grants at the end of the programme.

“I want to tell the British Council that this experience for me has been priceless. For me, this could never have been a reality without you. You have made a dream come true and I thank you. I learned a lot in terms of film-making, business and the film sector in Nigeria and beyond. We had wonderful facilitators who taught us more than we could learn in any film school”.  

Peters said that the programme had opened up all sorts of opportunities for him and enabled him to tap into a network of fresh possibilities. He has been working with Nigerian acclaimed stand-up comedians Bovi and Mc Lively and with a major Nigerian dance festival.