Verification and other post-exam services British Council
Verification and other post-exam services

The British Council offers document certification services.

What do we mean by Certification?

If you have any original school, college, or university documents or degree issued by an institution or professional body, we can verify it as a true copy of the original.

What should I provide?   

  • the original document (i.e. certificates, transcripts, notification of results)

How long does this procedure take?

This service is on-demand – please send an email to to discuss appointments.

Where can I go to certify my documents?

You can certify copies of your original certificates at any of the British Council Nigeria offices.

Please note that the following documents will not be certified by the British Council:

  • online print-outs
  • work/employment ID cards
  • letters “To Whom It May Concern”
  • IELTS Test Report Forms
  • letters of appointment/authorisation
  • documents not written in the English language
  • marriage certificates
  • any other non-academic documents
  • international passports

Also, note that photocopies will only be stamped upon presenting the original documents first.

How much does this service cost?

Our charges are:

  • NGN2,150 for 1–5 copies of the same certificate
  • NGN3,150 for 6–10 copies of the same certificate
  • NGN4,650 for 11–15 copies of the same certificate
  • NGN6,900 for 16- 25 copies of the same certificate, etc

Payment is made by bank transfer before your appointment is confirmed.

Please send us an email at to confirm the total charge, based on the required number of copies to be certified.