By British Council Nigeria

22 April 2020 - 14:14

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Thanks to you Moses Lordye, ICT Teacher at CITA High School, many students now have access to a wide range of software tools and resources that have transformed their knowledge and appreciation of ICT in the classroom

Engaging with Learning Technologies – Digital Literacies is just one of the very many ICT related courses on offer on the Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN), Online Support for Schools (OSS) platform. This particular 3-module course exposes teachers to the impact on and changes in learning due to digital literacies and therefore identify new ways to teach traditional digital skills.

Moses Lordye had a multitude of options when he registered on the platform in 2018. As an ICT teacher, he needed to find new ways and skills to keep his students focused, engaged and captivated during his classes to improve retention as well as interest.  

According to Moses, “the PSGN online support for Schools platform is one great place for self-development. It has made it possible for me to access a wide variety of resources both within and outside my subject area. The amazing thing about this platform is that the modules here contain resources that we pay for in seminars out there, yet we can access them for free”.

The ICT courses available on the PSGN-OSS platform range from cyber well being to developing an understanding of collaborative online schools project. The rich menu of options allows teachers to cross over effectively from a knowledge-transmission view to a learning-facilitation view of teaching.  This was the case for Moses who was quick to affirm “apart from having access to great resources for self-development, it has sharpened my computer literacy skills as a teacher. I enjoy the fact that I can learn at my own pace and also collaborate with other teachers around the world”. 

The most important feature of a platform such as this is assessment – to measure the scale of impact that each programme has on its participants. In order to judge effectiveness providing feedback allows for courses to be further refined or enable the creation of new ones to match perceived needs. On the PSGN-OSS platform, users are able to access resources related to each of the modules and personalise their study through the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT), which suggests modules to meet their individual training needs. This platform is free for all partner school teachers and can be accessed on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

According to Moses “I must say that I have learnt about several teaching methodologies in my subject area based on the comments shared on the discussion forums, how to properly manage my classroom and different software that I can use in the classroom.