Tuesday 22 September 2020 -
10:00 to 13:00

After 10 months, an initial group of 60, a pandemic, several courses by delivery partners - Assembly Hub, Do It Now Now and Ventures Platform, a semi-final pitch, 10 FashionTech Entrepreneurs have made it to the final round of the Creative Enterprise Support Programme and will be pitching to win £2000 in grant funding and mentorship by key players in the fashion industry. 


Anthony Sule

Antoine Collections

A good pair of footwear not only completes what you wear but it speaks volumes about who you are! Antoine collections is a fash-tech footwear company that produces quality bespoke and ready to wear footwear for the Nigerian millennial with a delightful customer experience. Our Antoine App enhances the bespoke experience for our customers by allowing them to build their own footwear!

Bukola Odeyemi

Tribe of Elzar

Tribe of Elzar is a luxury fashion brand that is passionate about adding value to consumer wardrobe through craftsmanship, innovative finishing, technology and design. Our latest collection is centered around the need to improve the quality of life through tech textile. We want our clothes to be more than ‘just clothes’ but to positively impact its wearer.

Cherish Ibeh


CherStunner is a FashTech brand that creates unique designs with the beauty of the woman in mind. Her aim is to flaunt the uniqueness and confident in every woman with comfortable, simple and trendy designs. As an advocate of body positivity and inclusiveness, her clothing line will use digital modelling to ensure sustainable consumption and production.

Elizabeth Madu

Omavia Maternity

Omavia Maternity is a brand that uses innovative ideas to provide expecting mums with quick options to shop for beautiful comfortable clothing via the Omavia maternity app and adding beauty to their outfits with the Omavia Smart wrist watch. 

Mabel Sontan

Mabela Signature

A fashion label that caters for custom, Unisex,ready to wear outfits. Mabela's style is rich in versatility, Indigeneous & contemporary collections. Mabel Sontan is also the Founder of, a virtual one-stop shop and innovative community on everything Adire.

Misan Atsemude

OMALi Bridals

OMALi Bridals is a fashion startup where minimalism merges with technology to create the ultimate bridal experience. We are committed to transcending traditional bridal garments into minimalist, multifunctional garments that are perfectly fitted, affordable and sustainable.

Rosemary Icha

Preggy Apparel

Most maternity clothing serves its purpose between the 4th and 9th month of pregnancy. To save moms-to-be 50% of their budget for a wardrobe change for their changing body, Preggy, a multifunctional maternity brand makes and sells clothings that can be worn during pregnancy and post pregnancy.

Rukayat Ogundipe

Acquire Hub is an emerging fashion training institute where we hope to bridge the skills gap in the Nigerian Fashion, Garment and Footwear Industry through youth engagement. We train to provide world-class skilled workforce and the human resource support for the fashion industry. 

Vivian Ogbuagu


Handsmithen channels a zero-waste model to create a circular economy in the Nigerian fashion scene by establishing an all-inclusive community of contributors to the eradication of textile waste, creating fashion accessories made from fabric offcuts sourced from local tailors with a view to incorporating technology in the entire process.

Yvonne Zendesha


Here at Ari-Elle, we are passionate about sustainability and creativity in fashion especially for children. We were established in 2019 with the simple vision of promoting health and style in children around the world. We sell design and allow customers to design fabric prints that are unique and personalized, making them feel loved and special.