Saturday 28 May 2016
Lagos, Nigeria

Make and create new products at our Maker Libraries

The Maker Library Network is a global collective of designers, architects and makers. Combining reading, design, exhibitions and making, this new type of creative space encourages local and international knowledge sharing. Participants can share resources, swap skills, take part in mentoring sessions and exchange ideas. 

Maker Libraries contain three key elements: a library, a space for making and a gallery, connected via an online platform for sharing skills and resources. They are equipped with tools and books that will improve the production of high quality design led products including textiles and crafts. Each Maker Library is led by a librarian who is interested in fostering creative, social thinking and learning through making by running a dynamic programme of activities and workshops.

A series of Maker Libraries will run across Nigeria that will be hubs for creating and making products. The first will open in Lagos at Stranger on 28 May 2016. 

The Maker Library Network was created and developed by Daniel Charny and From Now On in collaboration with the British Council.  

Photographs by Adriaan Louw, Mike Massaro and Heath Nash.

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