Voluntary police, Lagos, Nigeria
Voluntary police, Lagos, Nigeria ©

Nick Cavanagh/Nigeria Justice for All Programme

Introduce a regular coordination meeting

The voluntary policing sector (VPS) plays a pivotal role in addressing safety and security in many communities, particularly in vulnerable communities. In order to be effective, the VPS must work together with the formal sector, the Nigerian Police Force (NPF), to make communities safer.

A regular coordination meeting was designed to encourage joint community policing between the VPS and the NPF. The aim was to share information and develop effective systems of working together. The mechanism not only helped to build mutual trust with both groups, but also with communities, as citizens had more respect and trust in the system.

Please download our how to guide and tools on how to coordinate these meetings to improve the linkages between the informal and formal policing sectors. We hope you find them extremely useful. 

Good luck in implementing this worthwhile initiative. If you have any queries please contact us.