Nigeria Justice for All Programme

Introduce a dedicated juvenile women's and children's unit

Victims of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) are amongst the most vulnerable members of society. Many victims are abused several times before they have the courage to make a formal complaint.

The police have a duty to protect the SBGV victims. To encourage a professional and gender sensitive approach to policing, J4A has supported the Nigeria Police Force to introduce dedicated juvenile women and children units in police stations. These units ensure that SGBV victims are handled sensitively, investigations are carried out, evidence is gathered, and victims are safeguarded from further harm. The units also collaborate with other government and civil society organisations to ensure that specialist services are provided to victims.

Please download our how to guide on how to introduce a juvenile women and children unit in police stations. We hope you find it extremely useful.

Good luck in implementing this worthwhile Initiative. If you have any queries please contact us