girl writing in classroom

Kano Literacy and Mathematics Accelerator (KaLMA) aims to build foundational Hausa and English literacy and numeracy skills for 51,711 primary 4 (P4) to primary 6 (P6) children using the Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) approach, equipping them with foundational literacy and numeracy skills before they leave primary school.

KaLMA is a partnership between the British Council and TaRL Africa. TaRL Africa is a new partnership between Education NGO Pratham, and research centre The Abdul-Lateef Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who have been working together to create cost-effective, scalable literacy and numeracy interventions for more than 15 years. The fruits of these efforts have been the development of what we now refer to as the TaRL approach.

The TaRL approach works by dividing children in upper primary into groups based on learning needs rather than age or grade. This means time can be dedicated to basic foundational skills rather than focusing on the curriculum. Teaching is therefore tailored to the level of the child using contextually relevant child-centred activities and student performance is regularly assessed, rather than relying only on end-of-year examinations.