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Are you a school administrator, leader or teacher? Do you want to deepen your skills in school management or integrate a range of skills into your curriculum?

The British Council is inviting applications from school leaders and teachers for the Core Skills training programme. The training packages give participants the tools and approaches they need to ensure effective core skills provision in their schools, including strategies for planning, monitoring and improving teaching and learning and for mapping core skills across the curriculum. 

What are core skills?

Core skills are the essential skills that young people need to be fully prepared for life and work in a global economy. Sometimes referred to as deep learning skills, they introduce young people to new ways of working, new ways of thinking and new ways of living in a global world.

How can I take part?

Six core skills training packages will be available to teachers across Nigeria:

  • Teaching critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Teaching citizenship
  • Teaching collaboration and communication
  • Teaching digital literacy
  • Teaching creativity and imagination
  • Teaching student leadership and personal development.

The programmes are suitable for any qualified teaching staff, from both public and private educational institutions.

How these programmes run

Each programme will be taught over a 12-14-week period, with face-to-face sessions taking place at the beginning and end, as well as online support throughout. Courses commencing in November 2015 will be detailed here soon but you can register your interest now.


If you have completed the Level 1- Introduction to Core Skills training, please click here to register for the Level 2 trainings.

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