Schools Connect
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Schools Connect is the British Council’s programme for schools in the UK and around the world.  

We work with education policymakers to explore effective practices from other countries and help teachers to bring an international perspective to the curriculum. This supports all young people to build the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to respond to global challenges and develop international understanding. 

Schools Connect offers a range of support to make your school’s international journey a success. 

  • Get started by visiting our international partner-finding database, then download our ready-to-go classroom resources to help you work together with your partner school. 
  • You’ll find plenty of expert guidance on our website, as well as events and workshops to help you get the most out of your international school partnership. 
  • Looking for extra help? Our guided partnerships offer structured support to communicate and carry out collaborative projects with schools in other countries.
  • Make sure you get recognition for your work by applying for the International School Award, which supports schools with fostering an international ethos throughout the school and embedding it within the curriculum. 

“There is such power in working with colleagues in other countries. It inspires us, helps us appreciate our fortune, but also makes us think of what we could do differently. If you can, connect!”

Jeremy Barnes, headteacher, All Saints Catholic Primary School, Anfield