We provide platforms for entrepreneurs to access to information, opportunities, knowledge and networks to drive development at individual, institutional and organisational levels.

Entrepreneurial Africa 

The British Council’s Entrepreneurial Africa programme provides support and opportunities to emerging entrepreneurs through competitions, mentoring, training and business clinics as well as conferences, showcases and forums.

It aims to foster the development of new skills, stimulate collaboration and new approaches to entrepreneurship, while unlocking their potential to contribute to a new Africa.

For more information about this event, visit the Entrepreneurial Africa programme.

The Entrepreneurial Africa London Showcase

The Entrepreneurial Africa London Showcase provided an opportunity for young African entrepreneurs to connect with people in the London start-up community. By making relevant contacts the aim is to help entrepreneurs find potential partners to help scale up their businesses with organisations in London, in a mutually beneficial way.

During a three-day programme, 15 emerging entrepreneurs from the British Council’s enterprise challenge series attended training workshops, open talks with UK entrepreneurs and study tours. The entrepreneurs also had the opportunity to pitch their businesses and participate in a panel discussion on innovative approaches to supporting entrepreneurship in Africa.

Enterprise Africa Summit

The 1st Enterprise summit was held in Ghana as part of the British Council efforts towards shaping the enterprise narrative in Africa. With over 500 delegates, 45 exhibitors and 92 speakers from 23 countries across Sub Saharan Africa and the UK, the summit witnessed the convergence of governments, academia, policy-makers, development partners, civil society groups, investors, and entrepreneurs to explore the role of entrepreneurship and social enterprise in building sustainable, resilient economies in Africa.To find out more on how to get involved, please contact the Enterprise Team.

Enterprise Challenge

Enterprise Challenge is an online competition developed by the British Council Nigeria, in partnership with Virgin Atlantic Airways. The competition provided a platform for young, brilliant entrepreneurial minds to further develop their skills, businesses and bring their innovative ideas to the fore for possible future development. It is designed to test a range of consumerist skills, and is open to Nigerians domiciled in Nigeria who fall within the 18 to 35 year age bracket. 

At the 2016 edition organised in partnership with Virgin Atlantic Airways, Zenith Bank and Samsung West Africa, 20 finalists battled for the top three spots as they made their final pitches to the panel of judges on the 7th of March 2016. Keturah Ovio-Onoweya and Sophia Ike-Onu emerged first place winners of the competition while Obi Adiuku-Brown came in second place and won the much coveted Samsung prize. Read more about the winners below. 

To find out more on how to get involved, please contact the Enterprise Team.

2016 and 2014 WINNERS PROFILES

Keturah Ovio- Onoweya - 2016 winner

Keturah Ovio- Onoweya, a first place winner on the competition, is a software engineer who has founded Qeturah.com, an Ecommerce company fostering sustainability of people, culture and economy in the African creative space. She was also a part of the founding team of two successful Malaysian start-ups - BuzzElement and Gogoet.my

Asides winning the financial grant worth N2million, Keturah will receive fully-funded scholarships to attend a five-day entrepreneurship foundation course at the Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship in South Africa plus a mentoring session in London with world renowned entrepreneur and Founder and Chairman of Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson

Sophia Ike-Onu - 2016 winner

Sophia Ike-Onu also a first place winner on the competition, is an architect who has founded The5kshop.com, which is the primary shopping destination for quality fashion pieces priced below 5,000 Naira. Her foray into business extends beyond The5kshop into other interests in food services, real estate and transportation.

In addition to winning the financial grant worth N2million, Sophia will receive fully-funded scholarships to attend a five-day entrepreneurship foundation course at the Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship in South Africa plus a mentoring session in London with world renowned entrepreneur and Founder and Chairman of Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson

Obi Adiuku-Brown - 2016 first runner-up

Obi Adiuku-Brown, the second place winner in the competition is an engineer who founded Insight Africa. Obi uses technology to create unique and innovative products for the education sector with the aim of improving the landscape for academic research, innovation, and human performance specifically in areas STEM subject areas.

As the winner of the Samsung prize, Obi gets the opportunity to explore potential areas for partnership and collaboration with the Electronic giant. He also wins a business development trip to Samsung City -Samsung Headquarters in South Korea in addition to the N1m financial grant received.

Eseoghene Odiete - 2014 winner

Eseoghene Odiete is an award winning young female fashion entrepreneur.  She is the brain behind Hesey Designs, an African inspired accessories label. She designed the sneakers Richard Branson CEO of Virgin Atlantic wore for the launch of the Virgin Atlantic uniform recently in London. 

Starting with just N10,000, after graduating from Covenant University with bachelor’s degree in Mass communication in 2011, Ese has been able to further grow the business. 

Her “can do” spirit and absolute tenacity has seen her emerge as one of the winners of the Google’s Africa Connect awards. She has shared the stage with world celebrated personalities, Richard Branson and Vivienne Westwood amongst others, following her British council ‘Enterprise Challenge’ win which gave an opportunity to have a special mentoring session with Sir Richard Branson and the opportunity to attend the Branson centre of entrepreneurship.

Ese was also a nominated for the Future awards Tony Elumelu prize in Business and recognised as one of the top 40 under 40 Nigerian entrepreneurs by bizwatchng. Her areas of interest go beyond entrepreneurship. She is a social evangelist with a passion for people and women empowerment.  

Ese has been privileged to inspire other young people through various speaking opportunities like the British council ‘mind the gap’ conference, Google Africa summit in the University of Nairobi, Girls inspire Girls show, Unilag, just to mention a few. She is also a skills development volunteer of Slum to school Africa where she trains young underprivileged people on different crafts to become economically empowered. 

Nasir Yammama - 2014 winner

Nasir Yammama is currently studying for a master’s degree in creative technology at the Middlesex University in London. Nasir’s ability to think outside the box and develop digital solutions to everyday problems has earned him the respect of his peers and prizes and various international competitions (e.g. Oracles Thinkquest, Digital Peers International's Digites etc.)

What struck us about Nasir was that unlike a lot of young people his age, he is actively thinking about solutions to Nigeria’s current problems and he has taken a different perspective to what he believes this solutions might be.

At the moment the Nigeria agricultural sector is one of the most under funded with the greatest potential to boost the country’s economy. In terms of our question, Nasir proved to us that not only is he aware of the current issues, his proposed product seeks to plug into and piggy back on the foundation of recently launched government initiatives.

His product is a knowledge sharing mobile application which seeks to ensure that Nigerian farmers make informed decisions about their business based on what is available to them in their local environments, for example the farmers will receive information about the best soil types to use for their various agricultural products, weather and its effect on crops etc.

This product is very much in the developmental stages, but we are excited to embark on this journey with Nasir. He proved to us during his presentation and board interview that he has done his research and we look forward to what the future brings and will support him in any way we can.