Understanding digital marketing unlocks a powerful opportunity for businesses. It can propel your business by transforming various aspects of your business like the reach,  product delivery,   marketing communications and channel management. 

By attending this training, you will learn the language of digital marketing, explore the opportunities that it can provide your organisation, and strengthen your market management competencies. The training aims at equipping you with the competencies to survive in the highly competitive business terrain in Nigeria.

Introduction to Digital Marketing and Strategy

The world has gone digital. More than 90 million Nigerians are online. With all these people using the internet, businesses have only one choice - play in the digital space. Become familiar with the different digital tools and channels you can begin to use to hit your business goals. 

Instructor: Abas Idaresit 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective way to keep in touch with your customers and convert your leads. The course unpacks how to build your mailing list, manage effective email marketing campaigns and measure your email marketing success. 

Instructor: Gbenga Onalaja

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

At the moment of need, 75% of people turn to search engines. Search Engine Marketing provides the opportunity to get in front of your customers right when they need your services. Get practical knowledge to build and maintain an effective PPC strategy.

Instructor: Abas Idaresit

Display Advertising

From identifying the audience to target to new ad formats and knowing how to measure success, Display Advertising will show you how to creatively reach new audiences online.

Instructor: Moshood Lawal

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

An introductory session into social media marketing. Learn the foundational principles of social media marketing and how social media can function along with your customer acquisition and retention spectrum. 

Instructor: Gbenga Onalaja

Social Media Marketing - Ad Buying and Optimization

A deeper dive into social media marketing, Learn why social media marketing is a powerful element of your digital strategy, the different platforms providing the most value and how to buy and optimise social ads.

Instructor: Moshood Lawal

Online Presence and Management: Google My Business

Get your first deep-dive into managing your online presence using Google free tools. Build your profile to allow your customers find you easily.

Instructor: Abas Idaresit 

THRIVE Mentor Sessions

Work directly with a mentor to optimize your digital strategy and work through your toughest digital marketing challenges. Participation in the Mentor Session is limited and selection of the participating businesses is at the full discretion of British Council. 

Mentors: Moshood Lawal & Abas Idaresit

About Enterprise THRIVE  Campaign 

2018 is an opportunity to grow your business through deep insights from industry leaders. But how do you access such information? 

British Council is connecting entrepreneurs and small business owners with digital skills, industry connections and top-class business resources they need to start and scale their businesses.  

Enterprise Sessions is the digital skills expression of the campaign. Other legs of the campaign include the Enterprise Live, The British Council Enterprise Radio, The Enterprise Masterlist and more. Enterprise Sessions is powered by British Council and curated by Wild Fusion Digital Center. 

To learn more about the campaign and Enterprise Sessions, contact the Enterprise Team.