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British Council

We create opportunities to enhance the skills and employability of  young people leveraging on the UK’s experience, knowledge and expertise.

Fast Forward

Fast Forward is an action research pilot project co-funded by British Council and MacArthur Foundation and implemented by LEAP Africa. It has been designed to assess a model for teaching employability skills in public secondary schools within Cross Rivers, Lagos and Rivers State.

Across the three states, 300 teachers and 20 school administrators across 20 government schools have been trained on how to covertly infuse 21st century skills in learners while delivering their normal curriculum. It is expected that these skills would build students capabilities for innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, communication and team working while preparing them for future work opportunities as well as reducing drop – out rate.

As part of the project experience, opportunities would be provided for students from participating schools to take up 2weeks non-paid internships with reputable organizations to further consolidate their classroom experience. 

The project would forge or support partnerships between schools, students and employers and influence future policy making in Education and Skills in Nigeria.

Skills Policy Dialogue Seminar

Skills Policy Dialogue Seminar offer opportunities for experts and policy makers from around the world to gain invaluable insight into the UK skills system and share best practices.

Through a combination of lectures, workshops, discussions and visits to leading UK educational organizations and employers, participants gain firsthand experience of the UK skills sector while exploring global priorities such as technical vocational education and training (TVET) for skills and employability.  Link here to Register