Habtamu (Right) demonstrating during STEP training

Habtamu Baye is a grade 8 Teacher Trainer from Zezelima School in one of the five regions in Ethiopia where the STEP programme is being implemented. The self-study material that STEP provides is unlike any other material he has used and already is making a difference in her teaching.

Habtamu Baye concluded the first module of the STEP training and the material and the energizers have already made a real difference to his teaching.

Habtamu has already gained a lot from the first set of materials. He studied though the STEP programme, one of the main benefits she sees from the training is the skills she gained around how to run students’ group assignments. 

The energizers and the various teaching methodologies also helped Habtamu to improve his teaching. On the energizers he said that they” motivate the students and also assist me to transfer the knowledge easily in a way that is mutually understandable and entertaining.” 

This material is different to anything he has used to teach with before and help him guide his students through enough practice.

The British Council works with governments and other partners to improve the quality of English teaching, and learning, drawing upon experience in multilingual approaches to teaching.

Habtamu expects that using the STEP programme will help his students to get good results and he has no doubt that he will integrate the training and the material and implement it in his teaching.