STEP_Ilya Rufatu

As a Master Trainer Ilya educates, trains and coordinates the STEP training. She calls it another feather in her cap as being a Master Trainer has made her empowered to talk anywhere and to coordinate anywhere. She is always ready to make impact through the training she gives because she has had a fantastic experience.

British Council’s STEP programme is a 60-hour self- study course, based on a largely self-managed study resource methodology, which considers the limited time available for teachers to attend face- to-face (F2F) training.Teachers are supported by peer mentoring groups led by a teacher mentor and further supported by head teachers.

“Because you get to meet people at different levels, and you get to make impact and you get to be impacted on because learning does not have boundaries it’s limitless. So, you learn where you don’t expect it, you make impact and then you teach others too,” she told the British Council.

One of the things Ilya enjoys hearing most from the teachers she has trained through STEP is  how interesting the materials and resources have been to them individually and collectively allowing the participants to see things in a different way.

The training has reshaped their skills and their way of thinking. The way they deliver the content too has improved massively.