Wednesday 05 November 2014

The J4A programme, in collaboration with the CLEEN Foundation, replicated the Voluntary Policing Service (VPS) training in Sabon Tasha and Zaria City in Kaduna State. The training which took place in March 2014 involved a total of 160 VPS leaders and managers. The course was aimed at improving participants’ knowledge on human rights, basic policing skills, organizational and conflict management skills.

The post-training evaluation commissioned by J4A six months after the training revealed that VPS members have im-proved understanding and attitudes in rendering policing services to their community members particularly on human rights issues.

93% of the respondents confirmed that they now use the skills, tools and techniques acquired at the training in solving problems and carrying out their duties. They also revealed that they refer back to the training material when they experience difficulties in their jobs.

"I always refer to the human rights lecture every time a suspect is brought into the office" VPS participant, Kaduna

The respondents also confirmed that there is an improvement in the leadership of various VPS group in Kaduna State.

The post training evaluation discovered a genuine sense of change in practice in line with what had been taught at the training, with clear indications that work has improved and is now more efficient and more stringently observes human rights. The consequence has been to improve the relationship between the VPS organisations and their respective communities.