Tuesday 16 June 2015

The J4A’s supported Community Safety Partnership (CSP) in Enugu State is contributing to the peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians in the state by organizing a joint interactive session. The interactive dialogue was used as an avenue to educate and identify mutual solutions for the problems of sexual and domestic violence in the state.

The workshop provided the opportunity to enlighten participants on the role and assistance that can be provided by the Tamar Sexual Assault Referral Centre and the J4A trained staff of the Juvenile Welfare Centre in the Model Police Stations.

In addition to this the CSP formed peer groups for young people to talk to each other about gender based violence and also pass on the advice that they have been given at various sensitization workshops.

‘There was some initial apprehension about the event. Not because of the subject matter but because we had intentionally invited a Moslem and a Christian audience, which is not something that happens often here. The event was a great success and helped foster good relations’.

Dr Chris Ugwu

CSP Coordinator, Enugu State