Tuesday 01 March 2016

The J4A supported Complaint Response Unit (CRU) produced its first 100 days report on the 21 February 2016. In attendance was the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Force Public Relations Officer, officer in charge of the CRU, office of the Vice President, J4A staff and the media.

At the event, presentations were made to the audience on the achievements, challenges and future plans of the CRU. The Force Public Relations Officer revealed that the CRU was created as one of the pillars that will promote trust and confidence between the police and the public. It also provides an avenue for the public to make complaints against police misconduct.

The CRU is now in the process of investigating complaints, which were previously sent to other departments for investigation and is also introducing the use of local languages in receiving complaints. The J4A programme will support the training of the new investigators.