Monday 03 November 2014

J4A awarded a grant to the Human Rights Agenda Network (HRAN), aimed at developing the capacity of the network to provide an effective and well respected platform for a coordinated and collaborative civil society in its fight against human rights abuses.

In the last year, since J4A assisted HRAN with the development of a more strategic and structured approach to the way it works, it has increased its membership by 25% and it has developed a mutually beneficial relationship with the National Human Rights Commission. By October 2014, HRAN had issued 37 Human Rights Alerts and media coverage of human rights issues in general and now has a total of 278 registered members. The Network is regularly asked to participate in key discussions at local and national level on human rights issues.

HRAN has trained a total of 429 persons while step down training has covered a total of 339 participants across the country. Along with these capacity building workshops, the Network has continued to play an im-portant role in galvanising Civil Society response to emerging human rights, democracy and justice issues in the country and has acquired prominence as a leading voice for civil society in the media.

"J4A’s grant has allowed for the seamless sharing of information and experiences thereby strengthening the capacity of HRAN's registered members to respond individually and collectively to human rights violations throughout Nigeria" Coordinator HRAN