Friday 10 July 2015

Kano Senior Officers Commends Training of Investigators 

The J4A Programme has designed 3 police training courses to assist in improving community policing strategy within the NPF. The courses include the Basic Policing Skills Course (BPSC), Investigation Skills Course (ISC) and a special course for investigators working in the important area of Child Protection, Sexual and Gender Based Violence for officers in the Juvenile and Welfare Center (JWC). During the delivery of the investigation skills course, 2 senior NPF officers, namely Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Ahmed Bello and Superintendent (SP) Muhammad Hashim requested to attend the course. The lead NPF trainer DSP Ja’far Shauibu, who is responsible for delivery of the course in Kano State, explained that the positive feedback from investigators drew the attention of the senior officers. The officers explained that attendance would allow them to develop their knowledge and understanding of new investigative techniques, assist them in supervising investigations and officers in carrying out investigative duties.