Friday 10 July 2015

Success Story from Sharia Court in Kaduna

J4A has been supporting Sharia Courts in Kaduna State. This assistance has been aimed at improving the quality of court services provided by court staff to users. 

In an interview Mr. Abdullahi Sani, the registrar of the Sharia Court in Magajin Gari said, “As a result of the record keeping training provided by J4A to the registrars of the lower courts, we have developed a better way of keeping, preserving and ensuring access to the court’s legal records. This will help to ensure that legal documents are available for administrative, legal, informational and research purposes.”  

Mr. Abdullahi also said, “As a result of this support, our offices and courts are no longer looking as chaotic as before and most importantly, it is now easy for us to retrieve records because documents are neatly organized and stored and we are no longer as worried about fire hazards as we used to be due to the metal cabinets provided by J4A.”

He further stressed that, “The record books have now been taken out of their previous filing condition (which use to be in sacks and on the bare floor). They have been cleaned and classified in a chronological order. The record books which dates back to the sixties were classified into series 1960s; 1970s; 1980s; 1990s; 2000 – 2010; 2011 – date”