By British Council Nigeria

22 April 2020 - 09:58

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Thanks to you Ambassadors School, Ota, many Nigerian students have access to an environment that helps them to reach their potential, build confidence and gain access to top universities around the world on full scholarships.

The 2nd edition of the British Council Recognition and Outstanding Cambridge Learners Awards on Schools and Students awards (BROCLA) was held on 29 June 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria. 115 awards were presented to students from British Council Partner Schools in different categories. Ambassadors School was one of the lucky recipients of the many distinguished awards.

BROCLA showcases Nigerian learners and Schools who achieved outstanding results in Cambridge qualifications each year. It aims to promote UK qualifications in the country, motivate Schools and encourage learners towards a rewarding future career path. The awards continue to impact positively on institutions in Nigeria, especially British Council partner schools, changing the perception of students and parents about Cambridge qualifications and ultimately imbibe a passion within Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN) schools to be the best amongst equals.

Ambassadors School Ota, Lagos State, stood out as a leader in the pack as its students won most of the awards across all of the categories in that year. Ms Bukola Lawal, Foreign Admission Officer/School Exams Coordinator of the college ascribed this admirable feat to a culture of excellence “At The Ambassadors College, excellence is not just a cliché, but a norm and a habit we have been able to sustain over time. Our excellence cuts across various aspects of learning – from competitions to internal and external examinations”.

This is not the first time that Ambassadors School has clinched awards across different categories from the British Council but this year was particularly noteworthy in recognition of its many students who had emerged top in the world and top in Nigeria in various subjects. 

The BROCLA award takes place every year and the categories include:

• Top in Nigeria for Cambridge IGCSE

• Top in Nigeria for Cambridge O Level

• Top in Nigeria for Cambridge International AS Level

• Top in Nigeria for Cambridge International A Level

• Best Across Eight Cambridge IGCSE (first place only)

• Best Across Four Cambridge International AS Levels (first place only)

• Top in the World for Cambridge IGCSE

• Top in the World for Cambridge O Level

The impact that this award has on the winning schools and its learners cannot be under-estimated. For Ambassadors School, the impact has been far-reaching and impressive. According to Ms Lawal, “we have recorded appreciable growth in the number of applicants and students; it has brought our school to the limelight on the International academic scene; we have been able to win scholarships in foreign universities for our students without having to go through the needle’s eye and we currently have an appreciable number of our graduates studying in universities in the US on full scholarships”.

She adds, “These awards have also instilled the spirit of confidence and excellence in our students and they believe that success is not a hard nut to crack. Their results in both internal exams and competitions have improved steadily over the period. Little wonder we have students making straight As & A*s in both WASSCE and IGCSE”.

For parents, “we have proven beyond doubt that every child is a champion and every child deserves an environment where their dreams and potentials can be realised.”