Preparing for the Listening Section of the IELTS test is vital if you're aiming to study or work in countries like Australia, Canada, or the UK. 

Here are some tips to help you excel:

Build a strong foundation 

Setting a solid foundation for IELTS success will boost your confidence in all sections of the exam. IELTS Ready Premium from the British Council gives you the tools you need to succeed. It provides many exercises, masterclasses, and a personalised study plan to enhance your listening skills.

Choose your test format wisely 

The Listening section lasts between 30 and 34 minutes. If you opt for the paper-based IELTS, you'll need to transfer answers to a computer, an extra step you can skip by choosing the Computer-based IELTS. Before booking, decide which format suits you best.

Maximise preparation time 

During the test, you'll have a few minutes before and after each section to review your answers. Use this time wisely in practice sessions to strategise how you might revise answers under test conditions.

Immerse yourself in English 

Become more familiar with various English accents and speech patterns by listening to English-language podcasts and radio stations. This will prepare you for the Listening section and also enhance your comprehension skills for the Speaking section.

Understand the test format 

Include plenty of practice tests into your preparation. Understanding the format of the Listening section is key to avoiding confusion on test day. IELTS Ready Premium offers extensive practice tests and realistic questions.

Simulate test conditions 

During the test, you will use headphones to listen to audio clips and respond to questions. Practice under similar conditions using headphones, time yourself, and use reputable IELTS practice resources to mirror the test environment.

Track your progress 

Allow sufficient time before your test to identify and improve upon your weaknesses. With IELTS Ready Premium, you can monitor your improvement through feedback and masterclasses from IELTS experts. 

Benefits of early registration

Early registration will help you make the most of IELTS Ready Premium, boost your IELTS band score, and realise your dreams of a life abroad.

Book your IELTS test to get IELTS Ready Premium – worth $60 per month – free, only if you book with the British Council. 

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