Schools Now! Conference 2020

Partner School Global Network is the British Council initiative aimed at providing an enhanced suite of products and services to schools that offer UK curriculum leading to exams administered by British Council. Our aim is to support school leaders, teachers and learners. We do this by offering leadership training and networking opportunities to school leaders, in-service teacher trainings to teachers and access to online learning support to learners.

Partner Schools Global Network Conference 2017:

We are delighted to announce details of the 2017 Partner Schools Global Network conference. The theme of the conference is ‘Teaching, Learning and Life Beyond School’ and the event will be held in Colombo, 28 February - 1 March 2017. The focus will be on teacher development and support, new trends in curricula and assessment, as well as citizenship and employability. The conference will build on the success of 2016’s event in Abu Dhabi which was attended by over 300 educators from twenty-four countries. 

More details on the registration process as well as a call for papers will follow very soon.


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