The British Council is celebrating 75 years of creating opportunities and making impact in Nigeria.  It's such a huge privilege to celebrate our 75-year journey and it's exciting to do this using 21st-century technology! 

We have put together, a historical exhibition delivered through an augmented and virtual reality experience to recollect our year gone memories and to cherish them again. These virtual exhibitions were deployed as part of the anniversary activities in Abuja earlier this year to enable us to connect more strongly with you, our young and dynamic audiences and indeed all partners.

We will also like you to enjoy the various experiences by clicking the links below.

Virtual Reality Tour

Need to get out of the house and go on vacation, but circumstances have you staying at home? Virtual tours are the next best thing. They allow you to travel to exotic locations, including space, without ever leaving home.

Take this immersive tour and learn about the rich history of the British Council in Nigeria. Step back in time and see the various British Council offices and an art gallery rich in history.    

To get teleported into a panoramic view of the exhibition via Facebook click here


75 Years in photos - Picture documentary

Decades past had plenty of cultural icons. Nigerians forged an independent identity and bonded with the international community through Education, Arts and travelling. Nothing offers a vivid, visual exploration of British Council’s impact in shaping the future than vintage photos.

The right picture can tell a whole story with just one frame. A quick glance can show you what people wore, valued, wanted, and did. Vintage photos such as these can display trends that show what the world was like at the time.  Please enjoy this picture documentary from the archives by clicking here