Filmmaking to reframe your future.

Film Lab Africa is a pioneering accelerator initiative launched by the British Council, tailored to empower emerging filmmakers and TV producers in Nigeria. Our programme is meticulously designed to provide an all-encompassing framework of support and avenues for growth, fostering enhanced skills, enriched knowledge, and expanded networks, enabling participants to showcase their creative productions effectively. Scheduled to kick-off in September 2023, Film Lab Africa will span three dynamic years, characterised by a multi-phase approach that delves into mobile phone cinematography, short film production, the intricate realm of film and TV industry entrepreneurship, script refinement, and invaluable opportunities for public presentation.

Programme roadmap

September 2023

  • Film Lab Africa Faculty members will be unveiled
  • Filmmakers Application Opens and close (Application period is 4weeks)
  • 60 Successful Filmmakers announced

October 2023
Capacity building Accelerator for Filmmakers

  • Data Stipend Allocation for Virtual Training 
  • Accelerator - Ten weeks of Virtual Training for Emerging filmmakers 
  • Script Consultations 
  • Pre-production training sessions 
  • Coaching and Mentoring by UK & Nigerian Industry Professionals 
  • The Business of Film & Television 

December 2023
Film production season

  • Production of short films of various categories 
  • Award of grants to produce films 
  • Post-production support  

To be announced dates
Showcase Season

  • Film Festival Tours 
  • Film Premiere in Nigeria, Africa & UK 
  • Film Screenings 
  • Marketing & Distribution 
  • Post-Program Support 

Film Lab Africa will unfold in phases over the ensuing three years, with subsequent cohorts joining in successive years.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Aged between 18 to 35 years old
  • Based in Nigeria or the UK (Nigerians in the UK)
  • Completed Creative entrepreneurship module on the SoCreative E-learning platform. To access the platform, use this link - 
  • Possess a minimum of one credit to your name, with a script and production bible ready to go into development.

Application Process

  • Fill out the online application form. For ease, download the application questions (found at the bottom of this page) and prepare your responses.
  • Provide details about your creative background and aspirations.
  • Shortlisted filmmakers will be contacted for further steps.

Application is open for 4 weeks.

Key programme highlights

Accelerator lab

Our accelerator lab, a vibrant crucible of learning and collaboration, will be orchestrated by skilled partners from the UK and Nigeria. This collaborative ambience will incubate a culture of knowledge exchange, imaginative thinking, and robust networking.

Three year cohorts

Film Lab Africa will unfold over three distinct cohorts spanning a comprehensive three-year timeline. This extended engagement ensures profound interactions and sustained support, maximising participant growth and development.

Hybrid training

Participants will receive hybrid training sessions covering technical aspects, business skills, and mobile phone cinematography. These sessions will equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in their craft.

Interactive film club sessions

Our periodic film club sessions will foster a vibrant sense of community among aspiring filmmakers, sector professionals, participants, and the ecosystem facilitating the exchange of insights and nurturing a fertile ground for collaborative ventures.

Coaching and mentorship

Every participant will benefit from personalised mentorship, a catalyst for honing artistic expression and nurturing career progression.

Script consultations

Script consultation services will be available to help participants refine their storytelling techniques and strengthen their narratives.

Two-stage pitch sessions

Participants will have the opportunity to pitch their project ideas during two-stage pitch sessions. These sessions will aid in selecting the most promising projects for further development and support.

Short film production

Selected participants will have the opportunity to produce short films with the guidance and resources provided by the programme.

Showcasing opportunities

The programme will offer participants opportunities to premiere their films, participate in tours, secure distribution, and showcase their work at film festivals.

Programme benefits 

  • Advanced proficiencies in mobile phone cinematography, short film production, and the intricate landscape of film and TV industry entrepreneurship.
  • Strengthened storytelling prowess through expert script consultations.
  • Realised short film creations, a testament to participants' burgeoning talents.
  • Opportunity for filmmakers to present their work to a wider audience. Creating an avenue for premieres, tours, distribution, and active participation within acclaimed film festivals.
  • Networking opportunities amongst industry professionals, mentors, fellow participants, and potential collaborators, expanding their professional network.

Filmmakers become a part of a supportive community and interact with peers from diverse background, fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.Elevate your filmmaker or TV production journey with Film Lab Africa, where innovation meets expertise and dreams are cultivated into compelling realities.