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Ebooks and audiobook

Ebooks and audiobooks

Read or listen to thousands of best-selling fiction and non-fiction titles in your favourite genres anytime, anywhere.

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LearnEnglish Grammar (UK Edition)

LearnEnglish Grammar (UK Edition)

Perfect your grammar through thousands of questions in this interactive grammar workbook. Questions range from beginner to advanced level.

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Prof Muktar Gadanya

The Science and Sustainability Award was received by a graduate student of the University of London, Prof Muktar Gadanya. Professor Muktar, MFR is a professor of Public Health/Consultant Public Health Physician at the Bayero University/Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Nigeria. Muktar’s work as the lead for the development of Nigeria’s National Family Planning Blueprint has contributed to the uptake of contraception and has led to a projected reduction of over 67,000 maternal and child mortalities. 

Promise Okekwe

2004 – Promise Okekwe

Young Creative Publisher Award

Image of Sikiru Mohammed

Sikiru Mohammed

The Science and Sustainability Award was received by a graduate student of the University of Leeds, Sikiru Mohammed. Mohammed was rewarded for promoting engineering ethics in Nigeria and investing his time in STEM for youths to improve the high school education narrative.

Isah Matankari

Isah Matankari, a graduate of Aston University received the Culture and Creativity Award. Isah is a performing artist and co-founder of Creative Culture, an Abuja-based edutainment start-up that produces engaging experiences and media content for Africa’s post-millennial generation. He has been instrumental in growing Abuja’s creative industry by building communities, hosting 52+ events, and creating paid opportunities for 150+ young creatives. 

Lanre Lawal

2005 Lanre Lawal

Young Creative Design Entrepreneur Award, International Young Design Entrepreneur, 2005

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Stream the world’s largest collection of full-length concerts and music films plus the best new music from the UK brought to you by Selector Radio.

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2006 Emem Ema

Young Music Entrepreneur of the Year

LearnEnglish Audio and Video

LearnEnglish Video

Watch and listen to real, everyday English conversations to improve your listening skills. Each video and podcast comes with audio scripts and comprehension exercises.

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