British Council

That is the question JSS 1 – JSS 2 students in public secondary schools across Nigeria will answer in an essay competition organized by the Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows Alumni Association Nigeria (COFSAN), a non-profit, consisting of eminent Nigerians who have, from 1960 till date, enjoyed scholarships and fellowships from the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) United Kingdom. COSFAN President, Dr. Uduak Udom says that the essay topic “An Inclusive Commonwealth” is based on the 2016 Commonwealth theme with the same title. 

Established in 2014, COSFAN held their first Annual General Meeting in December 2015. This competition is a first for the alumni association which aims to promote and advance education, including mass literacy objectives, through campaigns, advocacy, seminars, symposia, communiqués and position papers in order to create an aware and informed society of Nigerians.

CSC alumni network

If you are a returning Commonwealth Scholar or Fellow and you wish to join the CSC alumni network, please email and someone will get back to you with the details.