Over 17,000 Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows have been funded by the UK government through the CSC since 1959. They have gone on to become academics, scientists, writers and leaders in government, major NGOs and business. Being part of the CSC community gives you a unique opportunity to network with a diverse range of talented people around the Commonwealth.

Benefits of alumni membership:

  • Receive Commonwealth Scholarships News magazine
  • Join one or more of our Professional Networks
  • Find out the latest news from alumni and the CSC with twice-yearly alumni e-newsletters
  • Feature in the Directory of Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows
  • Be invited to local alumni events

If you are a former Commonwealth Scholar or Fellow and have not registered as an alumni member, please send an email to csfp.nigeria@ britishcouncil.org so we can send you the forms. We will then update your details on our database.

More information

For more information on Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships in the UK, please visit the CSC website.

To find out more about Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships in countries other than the UK, visit the CSFP website.