<p style="color: #333333;"><strong>XXXXONLY INCLUDE THIS PAGE IF COUNTRY OFFERS THISXXXX</strong></p><h2 style="color: #333333;">Choose from more test dates and get your results even quicker</h2><p>Everyone loves choice. We have made it easier and more convient for you to take your IELTS test. You can now take your test on a computer.<br /><br />With computer-delivered testing, you can take your IELTS test, Academic or General Training, and you simply type your answers.&nbsp;</p><h2 style="color: #333333;">What you get when you take IELTS on a computer:</h2><ul><li>more test dates to choose from</li><li>more venues to choose from</li><li>more flexibility</li><li>your results will be available really quick in 5-7 days.</li></ul><h2 style="color: #333333;">How does computer-delivered IELTS work?</h2><p>If you choose computer-delivered IELTS, you will take the Listening, Reading and Writing sections on a computer. The Speaking test will remain face to face with a trained IELTS examiner, as we believe it is the most effective way of assessing your speaking skills.</p><p>All other aspects of the test are exactly the same, whether it is taken on paper or on computer, including:</p><ul><li>Content</li><li>Timings</li><li>Question types</li><li>Scoring</li><li>Speaking test delivery</li><li>Test Report Form</li><li>Results Verification</li></ul><h2>Available test dates</h2><p>&lt;Find available computer-based test dates&gt; [XXXXLINK TO ORS2 OR&nbsp;Country can manually enter and expose computer-based test datesXXXX]</p><p>If you have any special needs or requirements you should take a &lt;paper-based test&gt; [XXXXLINK TO Take paper-based IELTS SOLAS PAGEXXXX]</p><h2>Can't find a suitable date?</h2><p>&lt;Check available paper-based test dates&gt; [XXXXLINK TO Take paper-based IELTS SOLAS PAGEXXXX]</p>